Elliptical Tender with Modern Construction for the Safest Ride in the Industry
The Patriot Tanker, with its Polypropylene elliptical tank and Stainless Steel wrap, has a low center of gravity. This feature provides for easy, safe handling even under the most stressful conditions. In suburban and rural areas, Tankers play the key apparatus role in the ability to fight fires. If the Tanker doesn't arrive safely, no one can do their job. The exclusive U.S. Tanker design, with twin overflows and containment baffles, provides superior strength - exceeding NFPA and DOT requirements.
The Patriot Tanker Provides Efficiency and Safety:
  • 30 year warranty on body, compartments and subframe
  • Lifetime warranty on tank
  • Formed and welded, corrosion resistant, stainless steel body and subframe
  • Welded stainless steel structural tubing
  • Elliptical design allows for natural flow of water supply
  • Exclusive DVS isolators
  • Optional 3-way dump system to ensure use of all water
  • National dealer service network dedicated to facilitating a hassle-free warranty experience
  • Front, top, side, under body, and mid-mount pumps
  • Polypropylene tanks with full containment baffling and dual vent/overflows for superior fill and dump performance
  • Adjustable and slide-out trays
  • Custom, flexible storage solutions
  • Roll up or box and pan doors
  • Custom-built porta-tank, static ladder, electric, or hydraulic racks
  • Hale, Darley or Waterous pumps
  • Choice of multi-plexed or hard-wired electronic components
  • Custom or commercial chassis
  • Stainless Steel dump configuration options: side to rear in manual, electric or air-operated
All lighting packages are certified to meet NFPA standards
Tank Capacity: 1,000-4,000 gallons
Body Material: Formed and welded type 304 STAINLESS STEEL
Subframe: Welded type 304 STAINLESS STEEL structural tubing
Light Package: Choice of NFPA certified packages
Stainless Steel Dump System: Square or Round - manual, electric or air operated
Chassis: Commercial or custom
Pump: Mid-ship, front under body mounting is fully customized. Engine power take-off and portables also available
Controls: Top, front, side mount and portable controls available
Options: Porta-tank racks, ladder racks, SCBA storage, adjustable and slide out trays available

We specialize in customizing your apparatus to fit the precise needs of your department. The options listed above are just a sample of how unique and customized your Stainless Steel fire apparatus can be. Please contact U.S. Tanker to learn more about how we can design and build the ideal apparatus for your department.

U.S. Tanker offers an unprecedented 30-year warranty on the body, compartments and subframe of your apparatus and a lifetime warranty on the tank. With a solid national service infrastructure in place, U.S. Tanker and our dealers are able to provide superior after-sale service. Other manufacturers have warranty policies that make getting your apparatus back in service a hassle. At U.S. Tanker, we just do the right thing.

Because of our commitment to building the best Stainless Steel Tankers and Pumpers in the industry and our unconditional willingness to stand by our product, the life-cycle cost of an apparatus built by U.S. Tanker is more efficient than any other manufacturer in the industry.
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